Thursday, October 30, 2008

Second Anniversary

I started my very 1st blog post 2 yrs ago, which is on 30th October 2006. I still remember the 1st post i blog about it. It was about me going for All Souls Day to pay respect to my granny.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


for the pass few weeks..
ever since the day i continue blogging..
some1 actually came spamming my blog..

this is my blog..
so i have my freedom of saying anything..
no matter how bad my english is..
is stil non of ur biz!!!

i have my way of writing..
i have my own style..
if u don agree wid me den stop reading my blog..

i no u have been readin my blog..
my stat counter shows..
my nuffnang shows..
so u cant deny if i have all the evidences..

not to mention who..
u no who u are..

please stop all this nonsense as i did nothing to u..

btw is it one of the shouter??
or is it two or three??


*off to work..*

Sunday, October 26, 2008

lunch at qbm

wen out wid my ex jes now..

you look diff??
i think so..
slimmer kua..
u were wearing all BLACK ok?
boh look slim oso keh de la..

wow.. drove ur new myvi fetch me out huh??
good to hear tat u can survive now liao..
can even own properties..

stil the same..
so hao lien..
so tao..

*i dunno y i love to be wid "hao lien" ppl.. i realised all m interested in oso very tao.. very hao lien.. faint..*

had ipoh hor fun at old town..
chat alot..

conclusion.. m happy to u ask me out today.. seeing u leading a good life is more than enough..
i wun deny saying i stil miss u.. as fren.. LOL!!!!!! we can always stil go out orh.. ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

jes got home from work..
had my bath..
brush my teeth..
hair stil wet..
so cant go to bed yet...

baby came to slep in my room last nite..
got a shock wen i open my room door..
as the aircon was on..
and den i saw this little pig der sleping on my bed..
both legs n hands open wide wide..
occupied the whole bed..

suddenly she got up and say..
"wat time d? y din wake me up to school?"
my replied..
"i tot u din wan to go"
she cont..
"y din u go to school?"
i was like..
"WAT?? i jes came bek fr work!!!and since wen i started school?"
she wen bek to her dream..

tats my baby...
a 10 yr old baby..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i was suppose to be home at 2..
as i nit to go bek to work at 11pm later until 8am tmrw
suddenly got emergency meeting at 2:30

so i jes got home..
wanted to go to bed..
but then..
kitchen is stil under renovation
with all the drilling n knocking..
so luan!!!!
how to slep??

tonite how 2 work???

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

should i or should i not accept the offer made by my current boss??

today he knew i wen for an interview..
he called me up for a tok..

he said..
"i realli nit u here..
i'l change ur position..
increase ur salary..
change car for u..."

is it for real??

so should i or should i not....

tao tiah!!!
hou fan ah!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

farker fark fark fark!!!!!!!

damn geram liao..

ms ooi this
ms ooi tat..
fark off la farkers!!!

i got a complain from customer saying..
"ms ooi rejected our goods as she said the goods are too rusty and nth can be done..
except returning it bek to us"

which farker moron said tat??
knn ccb!!!

if u read my previous post bfore..
u will no tat i'm working as QA Executive widout any authority given
means is jes a name..
reject fr customer.. go customer place.. let ppl scold den come bek..
i don hav any authority to make any decision on wat should b done n this n tat..

and today i got COMPLAINT from customer DIRECTLY TO MY BOSS's EAR!!!!
u think i tulan bo??

i realli wana go to tat stupid farker DGM face n slap him ok??
u think this is ur ofis ah?? ur company ah??
u r DGM oni ok??
dunno which stupid asshole gave u this title oso..
deputy pulak..
u think deputy prime minister meh??

jes wana scold bad words...
but don 1 2 spoil my image liao..

tmrw on leave..
smtg more important should be done..
rather than thinking of those bastards doing things bhind me!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


previous post not long enough to cover her face yet!!!!!
while browsing SO..
i found tat for the last 15days..
my shouts... TOP 3!!!!!
din no i shout so much lately til can masuk top 3!!!

mayb i choose to shout rather then toking..
so ini dia.. the proof of me toking too much liao..
*hope this post is long enough to push Jens' face down!!*
wen qbm today...

took my dunlopillo pi tukar..
cos not nice to slep liao..
den got warranty.
so i wen to change a new one.. LOL..

den wen to Dockers to get a pair of new pants..
interview this wednesday..
so i nit smtg presentable.
the 3 Dockers pants i had all faded d..
plus is dirty cos i wears to work everyday..
btw i work in production..
not dirty den ppl will think i don work!!!

wanted to let mum see the new gadget m getting soon..
but she lazy walk liao..
so will jes go to the shop and get it after getting approval from dad la..

at the mean time no pics yet..
wait til i get my new gadget den oni start blogging la..

actualli i hav nth to blog about..
but i jes wana say smtg for my previous post to go down..
mayb u wun realise cos b4 this post is up..
wenever m shouting at ShoutOut..
i sees Jens' face!!!
her face is forever der beside ShoutOut room..
i see til headache liao..
so i come out wif this nonsense post la..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

just wen to the toilet for the 5th time today..
sms Jens ask if she is facing the same..
she said "yea lo.. me oso"



Saturday, October 18, 2008


today i spent my day wid Jens again.. she started cam whore in my car.. i dunno y many ppl once sit my car nia sure start cam whore liao.. y ah??

she said i should advertise her in my blog.. she is now available..

-Jens with doggy-

Then we headed towards Prangin Mall cos I wanted to get some stuff for myself.. at times need to pamper ownself oso ma.. we had tom yam steamboat for lunch.. and then to LACONIC..

since her bday was on 14 oct.. so i got her a gift for her bday.. a pendant.. nice bo??

-Jens with her new pendant-

- a closer look-

and the reason i went prangin is bcos i wana get this from Laconic!!! this is wat m gona wear from now on...
-sui boh?-
is 5 plus and i woke up already...
on the way home..
my secretary(noelle) called..
say wana meet up at e-gate..
i was der with dem (wid javian)
dey gave a lect on wats life about..
how i should not be controlled by others
how i should grab the opportunity
how i should be thinking for my own good and not others
how i should fite for my future
wat i realli wan in life..

my sec said..
tel me wats ur planning..
for career, love, finance, etc..
alot of things suddenly came to mind..
but i remain silence..

i no all the lect was for my own good..
i no u both r the best buddies i cant find at all..
willing to listen to my probs..
i no u und me wen i remain silence..
but u jes wan me to speak up..
m sorry i jes cant

m not who i used to be..
the talkative 1..

i'v already have list in mind..
jes tat is not a proper proposal to be sent to my dad yet..
i hav goal to achieve..
by my 2 own bare hands..
own a stable career..
own a place to stay..
own a car for travelling..

thanks guys for all the effort..
i'll make sure der'll be good news the nxt i see u guys..
wen out wid Jens today..
suppose to meet up for dinner..
but she said wana brot forward to earlier..
so ard 2 i fetch her fr her home den headed to gurney..
ronda whole gurney to find a nice sport shoe for her..
found 1 nike for her..
and she likes it too but sked is the same as her fren
so she gota confirm wid her fren if it's the same

hope tat fren of hers' taste is not as good as mine..
so she can get tat pair..

den off to ipg to get my Moral cert.
is been lying der for 2 yrs liao since i grad
got confirmed by my fren tat it closes at 5..
so i wen der ard 3 plus and it was closed..
wen to see benjamin at the admin, he was toking 2 a gal..
and he said
"m sorry. i cant do anything as they had an emergency meeting.
u can leave ur name n contact number. i'l ask dem to contact u bek"
i was like.. wats the point?nonsense guy.. flirter!!
sees him every time i wen clubbing..
never once miss seeing him der..

den wen for my 1st meal of the day at old town NWP
ordered Lam Mee..
is been long since i last wen NWP d..
chat for a long time..
den drop her home..


Friday, October 17, 2008

mushroom head?

suddenly sis runnin in my room..
"CEH!!! got smtg for u to blog!!!"
"wat is it??"
"nah.. see"

wow.. skin color.. mushroom head??hand holding it..

sausage bun ler.. kns.. macam real 1..
my sis din wana eat yet.. say wana wait her bf come tonite show him!! LOL

Thursday, October 16, 2008

jes received a call fr Ms Susila, Zenith..
saying she'll be forwardin my resume to AMD for a GL Accountant position..

she commented..
"u r so nice and open.. willingly to go bek to finance dept even after in QA"

i realli wana get this job..
cos m quiting my current job..
if i don get any job soon...
i have to take out my own saving for daily expenses liao..

i blf der's a will der's a way..

he once said..

i dreamt bout u saying..

"i hate u for caring so much.."
*and u gave me a not wanting to let go hug..*

so shyt...
i was waken by the alarm..
my fren asked me..
"wat happen?"
i remain silence..

she said i changed a lot lately..
and i think so too...

i've changed...
i just don feel like toking..
i'm very tired of everything..
i just wana slep and slep and slep..

tot of leaving everything here...
leave penang.. maybe leave the earth..
but too many things tat make me stay..


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

last time i slept oni near 3am..

woke up at 6:30am off to work..

guess wat??
i wasn't feeling well..
i slept neither with fan nor aircon..
and i did not sweat at all wen i woke up...

miracle happens..
having backache while working..
YES m stil WORKING at this hour!!
too pain tat i can bare wid it...
tat i nit to take ARCOXIA..
given by my doc when i went to loh guan lye for consultation..

m blogging cos nth comes to my mind...

and my report still not done!!!!!

*i nit massage badly.. any offer? hahaha*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



m shyting again...

tummy pain..

nearly... still cant...

while driving to and bek from work...
nearly involve in not oni 1 but 2 accidents..

1st happen when I was about to reach at my company..
there was this waja in front of me..
i din realised he already break to turn to right..
obviously without signal light o with also i cant see
cos his light colour is shaded BLACK..
u no those a2a9 waja..
so i nearly bang into him..
plus i was driving my mum's car to work today..
imagine the impact tat will happen if i din realised in time?

2nd was after coming out fr tambun toll back to penang..
at the curve to the main north-south high way..
i was going straight instead of following the curve...
and speeding at 80 liao jes rite after the toll...
got realised and the car was like going zig zag...

i barely concentrate wen driving..
if anything happen to me one day cos of accident...
is all my fault..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i'm suppose to be working...
working on my audit notes..
working on my internal quality audit report...


m still here sitting in front of computer...


i jes cant concentrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my heart my mind is not here...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

blue black

today me so kuai..
took my mum and siblings plus my mum's frens to another fren's house warming..
and then headed towards JUSCO at bandar perda..

while walkin in the complex...
cos my mouth hiao i said smtg to my mum's fren..
den she started to cubit my left arm..
1 time not enough.. 2nd time.. 3nd time..
when 2nd time i've already felt very painful..
but is impossible cos she did not use much force oso
once got into the complex..
took up my sleeve and i saw BLUE BLACK!!!
OMG!!!! the blue black happen not cos of mum's fren but MY VERY OWN DEAR FREN!!!

TO MY DEAR FREN.. look!! this is wat u did.. skrang apa compensation u mao bagi huh??

kelian me bo?? :(

from my piggy bank

lately kinda tight in my pocket..
so i decided to take out money fr my small piggy bank i save in my room..
after calculating...

RM0.10 X 330 = RM33, RM0.20 X 350 = RM70, RM0.50 X 140 = RM70
total = RM173

yay.. got extra RM173 to spend liao..

Friday, October 10, 2008

If She Only Knew

If she only knew
What I knew but couldn't say
If she could just see
The part of me that I hid away
If I could just hold her in my arms again
And just say "I love you"
But she's gone away, maybe she'd stay
If she only knew

If she could just feel
What I feel here in my heart
She'd know it was real
Pure and true right from the start
But I'm just a man who didn't understand
What she was going through
But she's gone away, maybe she'd stay
If she only knew

And how, how did I let her get away
'Cause love, love is so easy to feel
But the hardest thing to say

If she could just see
What I see when I close my eyes
All that I dream
Surely she would realize
But like a fool I waited much too long
To let her know the truth
She's gone away, maybe she'd stay
If she only knew

Tell me, tell me how
How did I let her get away (Tell me)
Cause I guess that love Love is so easy to feel
But the hardest thing to say...

If she only knew
What I knew but could not say
If she could just see
The part of me that I hid away
If I could just hold her in my arms again
And just say "I love you" (I love you)
But she's gone away, maybe she'd stay
If she only knew

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

back to high school

i was going thru my frenster pics and i saw this...

this took wen it was the last day of f5 before SPM started...
Chee Mei, Ooi Felicia, Ai Choo, Adelyn, Sofiah, Jo Leen, Me, Ee May

if u realise all the ppl i mixed with are from science stream. I'm the oni 1 from art stream. then i found another pic taken wen we are having CHAR KOAY TEOW during recess time..

Standing(L-R): Wen Mei, Jennifer Quah, Ee Laine, Chai Yin
Sitting(U-turn L-R): Joan, Ai Choo, Ee May, Me, Moush,
Chee Mei, Shu Hui, Stephanie Soon, Huey Wen, Adelyn, Sofiah

All this while we go back CGL oso cos of the CHAR KOAY TEOW oni la.. and guess wat CKT and ROTI CANAI stalls r the oni 2 stalls tat is stil available since my batch left. the rest all taken over by other ppl already. CKT uncle and Pak Din can stil recognise me wor.. as usual Pak Din will keep teasing me and Unc will be keep on asking wen m going over to UK.. haha

so far oni 2 of my frens has blog. tats the oni 2 i got. the rest m not too sure.. after f5 we stil got meet up.. but not all la.. the usualy will be...

ah leng(adelyn), soft leng(sofiah), jo leng(jo leen), huey leng(huey wen), chee mei, shien ni, me myself.. at times with ee laine, Ee May and Jen Quah.. Ai Choo too bz to meet up.. macam sudah lost.. AI CHOO COME BEK!!! miss u alot!!!

nearly all my high school frens r fr science stream.. so alot of ppl thought tat i'm from science stream too.. do i realli look like 1?? dey actualli said "yes u do" hahahha... i'l let u judge me den...

Monday, October 06, 2008

received a call from customer...
needed to go over to check on the parts...
so i brought together 3 ppl with me to do sorting..

lately mind is not getting rite...
alot of things in mind to think about..
i wanted to go prai..
so i was suppose to U turn balik at penang bridge toll to butterworth..
instead of that..
i terus keluar to PENANG!!!!!!

the very FIRST time ever I made mistake when driving!!!
m really thinking too much liao..
really nit to concentrate on driving and not thinking of other stuff
if this gona continue i surely gona involve in accident soon..
cos at time i don even no where i was driving to..
jes drive drive drive
den suddenly oni realise "eh i drove til here d?"

my asst laughed at me non-stop...
how dare he..
samo din remind me wen i use wrong road..
but is a good thing tat he smile
as since morning he already bad mood liao...
why so?? cos is monday..
sure customer call to go over for SORTING!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

pain pain pain

this morning i woke up and suddenly feel so pain in my arms
apa dah jadi???
keep thinking of wat i did but jes couldnt recall
den tot mayb is jes cos of the way i slept the nite bfore.

den feeling hungry so drove to nearby and got myself a packet of mee goreng..
gosh is been long since i ate it..
is so super yummy!!!
surprisingly the uncle stil recognise me..
he knew wat i wanted..
"mee goreng tambah sotong & kuah manis"

my hand was sooo dead painful!!!
wat i did last nite???
pain til wana khi siao liao..
come bek samo nit to eat wid chopstick..

after makan i wen to get water
this is the time i saw my basketball
took it and started bouncing
yday i played basketball!!!!
blame BLACK QUEEN!!!
black heart!!! make my hand so painful..

wuwuwuwuwu.... :'(