Friday, October 03, 2014

U had accident

Out of sudden u text me u had accident. The robber break ur car window and try to snatch ur bag and u fought back. 

I was at the temple preparing to send the 9 emporrer of God off as is the 9th of the 9th lunar calendar... 

I got shock n all I can do is to msg.. U told me U had sore at ur hand and now at police station wid bro to lodge report and tats it..

I got so worry but first thing first.. I am commited wid the God. So wen on the way back home I msg u how's everything and if u feel pain but u din reply.

I am all still worried for u.. 
Baby love.. I never once try to let anyone to hurt u... But m just too far... 

I miss u
I am worry bout u...
How can u let me care u once again like how u used to allow me to care for u??
I just can't slep... 💔💔💔