Sunday, October 05, 2008

pain pain pain

this morning i woke up and suddenly feel so pain in my arms
apa dah jadi???
keep thinking of wat i did but jes couldnt recall
den tot mayb is jes cos of the way i slept the nite bfore.

den feeling hungry so drove to nearby and got myself a packet of mee goreng..
gosh is been long since i ate it..
is so super yummy!!!
surprisingly the uncle stil recognise me..
he knew wat i wanted..
"mee goreng tambah sotong & kuah manis"

my hand was sooo dead painful!!!
wat i did last nite???
pain til wana khi siao liao..
come bek samo nit to eat wid chopstick..

after makan i wen to get water
this is the time i saw my basketball
took it and started bouncing
yday i played basketball!!!!
blame BLACK QUEEN!!!
black heart!!! make my hand so painful..

wuwuwuwuwu.... :'(


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