Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Without me...

It was 0909 yday wen I decided to send you a bouquet of chocolate since you doesn't like flower.

Things has been so down with you and so I hope this wil surprise you and put a smile to your face.

My whole objective of being with you is to make you happy. So ya I sent you chocolate.

This is what you got and you said thank you.

What the point of saying thank you today when you told me you are already bored with me when we had conversation in the late afternoon?

It hurts so bad.. Your words hurt and you will never realise how bad..

I know doing smtg wrong and then sending gifts to apologize wun work on you. U need time. 

The purpose was is 09.09 and I hope we can still continue 99. Long long enough. And that you hav been so upset and grumpy, I just wana see you smile again.

It hurts to watch you grumpy. I tot of doin smtg to cheer you. I guess I was all wrong again. 

At least now I know that you will be better off without me. You will be much more happier without me. You feel satisfied widout me being around. 

Just anything...
So long is without me...