Monday, October 06, 2008

received a call from customer...
needed to go over to check on the parts...
so i brought together 3 ppl with me to do sorting..

lately mind is not getting rite...
alot of things in mind to think about..
i wanted to go prai..
so i was suppose to U turn balik at penang bridge toll to butterworth..
instead of that..
i terus keluar to PENANG!!!!!!

the very FIRST time ever I made mistake when driving!!!
m really thinking too much liao..
really nit to concentrate on driving and not thinking of other stuff
if this gona continue i surely gona involve in accident soon..
cos at time i don even no where i was driving to..
jes drive drive drive
den suddenly oni realise "eh i drove til here d?"

my asst laughed at me non-stop...
how dare he..
samo din remind me wen i use wrong road..
but is a good thing tat he smile
as since morning he already bad mood liao...
why so?? cos is monday..
sure customer call to go over for SORTING!!!


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