Saturday, October 18, 2008

on the way home..
my secretary(noelle) called..
say wana meet up at e-gate..
i was der with dem (wid javian)
dey gave a lect on wats life about..
how i should not be controlled by others
how i should grab the opportunity
how i should be thinking for my own good and not others
how i should fite for my future
wat i realli wan in life..

my sec said..
tel me wats ur planning..
for career, love, finance, etc..
alot of things suddenly came to mind..
but i remain silence..

i no all the lect was for my own good..
i no u both r the best buddies i cant find at all..
willing to listen to my probs..
i no u und me wen i remain silence..
but u jes wan me to speak up..
m sorry i jes cant

m not who i used to be..
the talkative 1..

i'v already have list in mind..
jes tat is not a proper proposal to be sent to my dad yet..
i hav goal to achieve..
by my 2 own bare hands..
own a stable career..
own a place to stay..
own a car for travelling..

thanks guys for all the effort..
i'll make sure der'll be good news the nxt i see u guys..


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