Saturday, October 18, 2008

wen out wid Jens today..
suppose to meet up for dinner..
but she said wana brot forward to earlier..
so ard 2 i fetch her fr her home den headed to gurney..
ronda whole gurney to find a nice sport shoe for her..
found 1 nike for her..
and she likes it too but sked is the same as her fren
so she gota confirm wid her fren if it's the same

hope tat fren of hers' taste is not as good as mine..
so she can get tat pair..

den off to ipg to get my Moral cert.
is been lying der for 2 yrs liao since i grad
got confirmed by my fren tat it closes at 5..
so i wen der ard 3 plus and it was closed..
wen to see benjamin at the admin, he was toking 2 a gal..
and he said
"m sorry. i cant do anything as they had an emergency meeting.
u can leave ur name n contact number. i'l ask dem to contact u bek"
i was like.. wats the point?nonsense guy.. flirter!!
sees him every time i wen clubbing..
never once miss seeing him der..

den wen for my 1st meal of the day at old town NWP
ordered Lam Mee..
is been long since i last wen NWP d..
chat for a long time..
den drop her home..



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