Monday, October 20, 2008

wen qbm today...

took my dunlopillo pi tukar..
cos not nice to slep liao..
den got warranty.
so i wen to change a new one.. LOL..

den wen to Dockers to get a pair of new pants..
interview this wednesday..
so i nit smtg presentable.
the 3 Dockers pants i had all faded d..
plus is dirty cos i wears to work everyday..
btw i work in production..
not dirty den ppl will think i don work!!!

wanted to let mum see the new gadget m getting soon..
but she lazy walk liao..
so will jes go to the shop and get it after getting approval from dad la..

at the mean time no pics yet..
wait til i get my new gadget den oni start blogging la..

actualli i hav nth to blog about..
but i jes wana say smtg for my previous post to go down..
mayb u wun realise cos b4 this post is up..
wenever m shouting at ShoutOut..
i sees Jens' face!!!
her face is forever der beside ShoutOut room..
i see til headache liao..
so i come out wif this nonsense post la..


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