Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4 Girls at Baby

Remember the game called "Tortoise" in my previous post? The one I was playing with my sister and her friends. I don't remember explaining how the game played. So this is how the game works. Distribute the card equally if possible. If more people playing in the game, then we need more decks. 1 card will be left out. When you got your cards, all you need is find pairs. Two 3s, Two Js and so on. Take it out place on the table. You will then left with all single card. First person will draw a card from the person on the left. The second person then have to draw from the third person and the game goes on. If you got a pair, take it out and continue with the game. Is something like playing Old Maid. Remember? Once you were playing in primary school or maybe high school. The first to finish is the winner. Remember just now i was saying 1 card was left out? So the last card will be the same card as the one left out. The last person to hold that call is a TORTOISE! So the winner will draw a tortoise on the loser's hand. In our case, we draw whatever animals as we can. Got pig la, snake la and tortoise too..

-Michie's pig drawn by me-
*I know is ugly cos of the stupid pen ink not working*
-Yin's pig drawn by Michie and tortoise drawn by me-

-My tortoise drawn by Michie-
-My snake drawn by Yin-

In this game can consider aL is the winner because she did not get to be drawn but where got fair like that. Anyhow she got drawn too. Hahaha..

-aL's pig drawn by Michie-
*Certified is CAL. See the name there?*

My Shoe

As per decided to play badminton with Angel and friends, the game started at 4p.m. I left my court shoe in my car. Mum drove to meeting so I have to find new shoe... After finding I came across this old court shoe of mine. I have not been wearing it since form 1 that is age 13 and I'm now 21. How many years? 8? Hahaha...

-This is my old court shoe-
When I got into aL's car, I told her that I took this shoe but dunno if can wear. She told me to try on and I did. Nothing wrong, just fine. So decided not to wait for my mum to get back. After playing a while the front base of the rite shoe came out a little. Nothing disturbing so continue playing. Next the left also the same. Since the right side came out first, so I'm a little more aware on the right side. But who knows the left side came out whole thing!!

-This is my old court shoe after playing-
I played like half hour only then this happened. So ended up I have to play with bare footed. The court is not as dirty as you think. Next was to Squash. I really need some smash man. So I went in with my RM69.90 WHITE ROXY SANDALS. After awhile I decided to play with bare footed again. This time is worst. The floor is so dirty until you can see the reflection of yourself on the floor! Look at my foot. OMG!!! Hitam hitam betul like the man in the DARLIE Toothpaste. Gelinya.. When I got out from the court, I rub my foot against the floormat before wearing my sandals.

-This is my RM69.90 WHITE ROXY SANDALS when I got home-

-This is it after washing-
*See the differences?*

After playing, we went Bukit Gedung for Tom Yam. Ordered Tom Yam Chicken Soup, egg with onion and Kailan with salted fish. Total RM16 only ok? So cheap!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy birthday to All

Birthday celebration of my both sisters and mum were held on 25th November at Golden Gate. Just right behind Silverton.

-The Birthday Ice-Cream Cake from Eden-
-Family photo-
*Mum, Boy, Dad, Baby, Len and Jen*
Supposedly aL, Michie, Cnee and Yin to join the fun. Ended up Yin alone. aL grandpa birthday, Michie Dell fashion show and Cnee kuat bersukan (Badminton). While eating and chatting with Yin and Eunice, out of sudden I saw this familiar guy. Guess who? Is Timothy Tiah!! Hahaha.. What a small world. Have been reading his blog and saw him once in PSC. So coincident he was there too.. Since my sister, Len turn 18 already, I teman her to 3 Guys at e-gate. With all her friends and my friend, Yin, we had all the fun and joy playing the game "tortoise". The winner will draw a tortoise on the loser's hand. Len's friend, Mongolian, Tony, got drawn and my friend, Yin, got drawn too!!

-This is Yin's tortoise-
-This is Tony's tortoise-
-By the way they are my sister's friends-
*In case you dunno which is Tony, he is the first from left*

Never do this FARKING SHIT to guys!!!

Got this from one of the Friendster Bulletin Board.

If a guy cries in front of you,
it means that he couldn't take it anymore.
If you take his hand,
he would stay with you for the rest of
your life;
If you let him go,
he couldn't go back to being his self anymore.

A guy wont cry easily,
Except in front of the person
who he love the most,
he becomes weak.

A guy wont cry easily,
only when he loves you the most,
he put down his ego.

Galz, if a guy cries bcoz of you
please hold his hands firmly,
he's the one who would stay
with you for the rest of your life.

Galz, if a guy cries bcoz of you,
please dont give him up,
maybe bcoz of your decision,
you ruin his life.

When he cry rite infront of you,
When he cry bcoz of you,
Look into his eyes,
Can u see n feel the pain n hurt he's

Which other guy have cried
wif pure sincerity,
Infront of you,
And bcoz of you?
He cries not because he is weak,
He cries not because he wants
sympathy or pity.

He cries,
Because crying silently is no longer
the pain, hurt & agony have
become too big a burden to be kept

Think about it,
If a guy cry his heart out 2 you,
And all because of you,
Its time to look back on wat u have done,
Only you will know the answer to it.

Do consider it,
Coz one day,
It may be too late for regrets,
It may be too late to say "im sorry".

To my friends...
Ponder this message seriously.
Dont do dis to a guy,
You may regret for the rest of your life.

Maybe in your life,
he's the ONLY ONE that love
YOU the mosT!!!


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Drunken Night

Yesterday lunch at Amandari then to Gurney drive. Sitting by the beach, listening to the KAP SIAO ONG talking(Ai Ling and Yin Yin). * Suppose the song from A1 goes - Sitting by the window, singing songs of love- Mana tau terbalik. sigh* Meeting Chin Nee at Janice's to see her BROWNIE!! *She found it at last* Then next agenda was drinking coconut water at Abu Siti Lane again. Bought 2 share by 3. Cnee don't take coconut. Not knowing where to go, driving all the way headed no where to see got any new houses cos Yin want to buy. Drove all the way to Teluk Kumbar.

Cnee: Teluk Kumbar here meh?
aL: Ah boh then where?
Cnee: Not RECSAM there meh?
*All stunted!*
Yin: RECSAM there? Tesco there you mean?
Cnee: Yeah. The place where play Badminton eh.
*I suddenly stop the car and then started laughing like hell!!*
PC: For god SAKE!!! That is BUKIT DUMBAR!!! Not TELUK KUMBAR!!

Hahahahahaha... My god! This girl's punya brain cannot pakai la. Always so blur. Breakfast say Lunch. Lunch say Dinner. Bukit Dumbar become Teluk Kumbar. Sigh..

Next was back to near by Yin's house for tea. I need to get home to give my mum car as she needed it. Then Yin suppose to come pick me up later. As some huge accident happen at the penang bridge, all roads so HEAVY traffic plus the HEAVY rain. Why must both HEAVY things happen together? So instead of them coming over, I drive down again as mum going to drive her own car. Say earlier la. Now have to stuck in the blady jam waiting for butter to smoothen it. Haha.. As planned, Batu Ferringi is the next destination. Yin wanted to get some CDs. 3 CDs for RM10 nia ok? So cheap! BJ selling 1 CD for RM6!! Use SAMURAI punya knife eh ok?

Dropped Cnee home. Wanted to get drunk so dropped by PSC get a bottle of Grant's, 8 years old, cost me RM86. Then we went back to Michie brother's place.

-This is the bottle, Grant's-

Me first time drink ok? I dunno what is going to happen next but I just want to get myself drunk badly that night. So Yin got me 1st MUG. I finished in 15 mins. Next aL got me the 2nd MUG. Is betul betul KAW. Not the KOPI KAPAL API KAW! This aL right, I think she really want to get me drunk so that she can dunno do what to me at night. Hahaha.. After finished watching the Little Man, I terus go to bed. Woke up at 4 something 5 cause cannot sleep. Sleep back then wake up again at 8 something. Decided to watch School of Rock. After watching go back home...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Presents for all

Presents for all does not mean anything of for EVERYONE but for my sisters, Helen and Stephanie and also my Dearest Mummy!!! Stephanie's birthday falls on the 25th November, Mum on 26th and Helen on 30th. I'm damn BROKE this month. I draw more than 1k this month ok? Wallet also torn already. Sigh...

-This is for Baby Stephanie-
-This is for Mum-
-This is for Helen-

Hope you guys like it! Baby, I replace this with the hotel stay first ok? I'm broke now. I'll take you next month or maybe next year. Hahaha.. She asked me to take her for hotel stay if she has been good but I don't think she has. Oh yeah 1 more thing, she still manage to maintain in FIRST CLASS next year. So should I give her that hotel stay as present?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lunch at Salsas

Welcome to SALSAS...

-My youngest sister's favourite restaurant-
-Menu and Serviette-
*Bread and butter*
*Soup of the Day*

-Main Course-
*Double Jumbo Sausage*

*Grilled Chicken*
*Ice Lemon Tea*


*Apple cake and Ice Cream*

-Service Button-

The prices are range from RM13.90 to less than RM30. Of cause don't expect seafood to be at RM13.90 la. Reasonable ma.. Anyway if you go for dinner... the price is not REASONABLE! Is double the price with the same dish. Is open from 11:30a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Advisable to be there before 2:30p.m. to get the REASONABLE PRICE. So you know when the time to go.

When wana go again? Who wana follow? We go in group more fun la join all the tables like reunion. Hahaha...


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Over Night

Friday morning wake up at 730a.m. Breakfast with aL Chowrasta Market for famous CURRY MEE. Look at the soup white eh.. Then it'll turn to red when you stir with the chili. Yum Yum..

After such nice and MEMUASKAN feeling of Curry Mee, we headed to Mt. Eskin to meet aL's friend, Janice. She lost her dog the night before. So we go help her find dog. DID I MENTION DOG? If you do read my previous posts, you will know that I'm scared of dog. Now aL ask me follow her go find DOG. Sigh... Just follow la. Mana tau reached there time, we sit car round the area and FIND! Thank god not walking as I expected.

While in the car, all windows were wind down. Calling for BROWNIE!! WHERE ARE YOU? TIME TO GO HOME. The voice that Janice has rite, is even softer than the radio. She goes "Brownie... Brownie..." How on earth will that Brownie hear?
Hahaha. Terkejut aL till dunno where her steering went.

Suppose lunch with Yin but aL's mum called so everything canceled and go home sleep. I really need the sleep cos I can't think of any reason to be asleep at the night due to the plan of over night at Michie's brother's place.

We were early at Gurney to get tickets of 007 for the 12:30 mid night show. Yin and Cnee had dinner but not me and aL. We had dinner then headed to the cinema to watch Happy Feet since is still so early.

This will be my favourite movie of the year!

-Nothing special but I LOVE HIS BUTT!!! So damn KEAT!-

Movie ended about 3a.m. Headed to McD Green Lane. Home at Michie's brother's place watched Covenant awhile then sleep. Woke up last to go Badminton with Belinda and colleague.

Dinner at PSC with aL, Michie, Yin, Neo and Wei Wei. This time we order HUGE Tom Yam soup cos 6 of us. The waiter asked " Boleh habis kah?" All of us laugh. The soup HABIS jugak la at the end. Karaoke is the next thing in planned. Then home...

-L-R: Bailey's with milk, Malibu, Smtg I forgot, Malibu, Bailey's-

Some new faces. The rest see till SIEN already.

-Wei Wei-

Thursday, November 16, 2006

So far how true?

I got this from Friendster. So far how true? I've seen a lot.
But this one is more to sexy, kisser, great on bed and so on...
Read on and you will know.
I'm CANCER if you guys didn't know.
I've even highlighted it. So you guys judge. Ok?


Love is one of a kind.
Great listeners
Very Good in bed.
Lover not a fighter, but will still
punch your
lights out.
Always happy.
Very forgiving
Loves to make out
Has a beautiful smile

Can be mean.
Predict future.
Most erotic.
Freak in bed.
GREAT kisser.
Always get what they want.
Easy going.
Loves being in long relationships.
The sexiest ever....

Very pretty.
Very romantic.
Nice to everyone They meet.
Their Love is one of a kind.
Silly, fun and sweet.
Have own unique sexiness.
Most caring person you will ever meet!
Amazing n Bed..!!!
Did I say Amazing in Bed?
not the kind of person you
wanna ........ with.
..u might end up crying...
the most irresistible

Not one to ........ with.....u might
end up in a wheelchair
Take you on trips to the moon in bed.
excellent kisser
Loves being in long relationships.=)
best in bed

Great kisser.
One of a kind.
Loves being in long-term relationships.
Extremely energetic.
from the future.
will exceed your expectations.
Not a Fighter, But will Knock your
lights out
Amazing in bed, THE BEST LOVERS

Great talker.
Sexy and passionate.
Laid back.
Knows how to have fun.
Is really good at
Great kisser.
Down to earth.
Loves being in long relationships.
Not one to mess with.
Rare to find.
Good when found.

Very high sex appeal.
Great in bed ...
Love is one of a kind.
Very romantic.
Most caring person you will ever meet!
Entirely creative
Random and proud of it
Great telling stories
Great fighter and will Knock your
lights out

Caring and kind
Center of attention.
Too Sexy, DAMN IT.
Very high sex appeal.
Has the last word.
The best to find, hardest to keep.
Fun to be around.
Freak in the sheets
Extremely weird but in a good way.
Super good in bed.
Good Sense of Humor!!!
A partner for life

Predict future.
Irrestible, awes0me kisser.
Loves being in long relationships
Great talker.
Always gets what he or she wants.
Very sexy
Loves to own Gemini's in sports
very funny
loves to joke
Loves to be your first.
so ull never forget

Freak in bed.
Rare to find!
Loves being in long relationships.=)
Likes to give a good fight for what
they want.
Extremely outgoing.
Sexy as ........
Very popular
Outstanding kisser.
Very funnyAwesome personality
Sexual as .........
Most caring person you will ever meet!
One of a kind.
Not one to ........ with.
Are the most sexiest people on earth!

Dominant in relationships.
someone loves them right now.
Freak in bed.
Always wants the last word.
Easy to talk to.
Hard to forget

Freak in Bed.
High sex appeal.
Rare to find.
Great when found.
Loves being in long relationships.
The one
So much love to give
Not one to mess wit
Very pretty.
Very romantic.
Nice to everyone They meet.
Their Love is one of a kind.
Silly, fun and sweet

Diet Coke and Mentos

Hey friends,
I've heard of the story about Coke and Mentos together will end up with an explosion.
I've even seen few pictures about it.
Some people even tried after got to know about it.
Eventually I haven't experience it.

Anyone want to join me when I do this experiment?

I wouldn't be as smart as some people that my friends told me of doing that experiment in their own room!!

DVDs at Batu Ferringi

I wanted to go Batu Feringgi to get RM10 sunglasses but couldn't find one.
Ended up buying this...

-Buy 10 FREE 1 at RM40-
-Buy 4 at RM10-
-CD at RM4 each-

Had dinner at Gurney Drive. So Crazy over the SOTONG GORENG!!

-I finished all by myself!! You think am NUTS ah? With aL of cos!-

aL: You siao ah? Order til so much.
Me: You like ma. I order more la.
aL: How to finish like that? Lucky thing I ma order "Tang Hoon Soup"
Me: Just eat la.

After awhile...

Me: Eh, eat la. Don't like ah?
aL: My favorite la. What don't like. Wait la.
Me: Wait? Wait for Christmas ah?

Me then diam diam continue eating.

aL: Okay done. I take Mantis Prawn first... WOW... Damn nice!!
Me: Nice eat more la. Why not eating sotong yet?
aL: Cannot wait ah? *Taking up the sotong. Putting in her mouth* WOWWWWWWWW HEAVENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Terkejut aku!!!

The Whole Sotong Finished also la...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last Monday we had Squash at PSC. Yin, aL, me together with Van instead of Michie and Cnee. After Squash come dinner. Ordered Medium size Tom Yam Soup but it looks more like a HUGE size to us. Tom Yam is like water to us and note that WE DON'T WASTE FOOD! Hahaha..

There was a funny conversation before we headed to Fun Pub. Here it goes...

P: Eh, lucky thing we didn't order taugeh.

Then all of us started laughing so loudly cos it reminds us of Timothy Tiah's blog. I think those neighbour-table can hear exactly our conversation.

C: I only eat taugeh when got mood. Like in Char Koay Teow, I eat with taugeh but in soupy type I take without taugeh.

P: That's weird!

Van: I don't take Char Koay Teow.

All of us look at her laughing.

T: What you mean by that? Penang Char Koay Teow is the famous ones and you tak makan?

P: Yeah la. Wasted la you.

Van: Noler. You know why or not? Cos eat Char Koay Teow can JILAT one.

Yin, aL and me look at each other stunted and then LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! What does is mean by JILAT? Hahahaha... Later only we get to catch her meaning which is JELAK!!! Ini perempuan punya otak tak boleh pakai la. Or maybe next time she can say I EAT CHAR KOAY TEOW CAN CHIA LAT ONE!!!! Hahaha...

Fun Pub was the next destination. Had drinks there and jokes abit. Anyway, our drinks look like this.

L-R: Shirley Temple, Carrot Juice, Wind Surfer
Front: Bailey's with milk

Coconut at Abu Siti Lane

Yesterday, aL followed me to temple. We both felt hungry after that. Since is still early to meet Yin, we headed to Lorong Selamat for Char Koay Teow and Ais Kacang. As usual you have to start finding car park beofre even reaching the shop. aL wanted to park near Kurnia Insurance there. *IMAGINE HOW FAR* Thank god she did not park there cos the shop is CLOSE! We were thinking. Today not Chin Nee's birthday what. Why is the shop close? Both laugh!

After thinking hard, I said, lets go for coconut. aL was like huh? WTF? Then she goes okla. Not bad idea. We got one each coconut. A big one. The conversation goes.

aL: Si liao la. So big how to finish?
Me: Ban ban lai la. Still got time la. No need rush.

While drinking I took a few photos of aL. Conversation continue...

aL: How come mine SOOK (drinking with straw) beh liao eh. Still got a lot inside.
Me: Mine finishing d la. But then hor.. me now very full already. Dunno can finish all onot.
aL: Why you so fast? Slow down la.

That aL rite... She slow people also have to follow her slow. Dunno what so tua liap of her. Maybe her COCONUT! LOL...

Here are the pictures we enjoying our COCONUT!!

-Mine on the right and aL's left-

-aL and her COCONUT!!!-

-Me and mine-

After drinking, we fetched Yin. The following pictures took while waiting at aL's place.

-This is the face of Yin when she need SATISFACTION badly!-

-This is the face of after SATISFACTION!!-

Monday, November 13, 2006

4 Girls on BED

Today we decided to go farther than we usually go(e-gate) which is to the BED.

-Allow me to show you the "TOU SAN of the year"-
*You see their hands?*
I managed to snap the picture when they were trying to show off their secret weapon style

-Drink this and you will be scratching your butt for the next 48 hours-
*I'm allergic ler. You believe that is my bottle?*
-Can you see the fella behind? Can't drink say CAN'T la. DRUNK like SHIT!-
You know what she drank? There you go...

*Yin's Saliva all over it! Yucks*
Again today we play HEART ATTACK and MEMORY. This time we choose category of ANIMALS. Yin is SEMUT, aL is LEMBU, Michie is BABI!! and me, GAJAH!!!
If you have been addicted in scolding people BABI, then you can shout your shit out on MICHIE!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Today at Balik Pulau Church

Mum has been actively involved in GERAKAN recently. The Chairman of Balik Pulau Branch, Agnes was organizing a port luck for 20 nuns that living at the Balik Pulau Church. Mum was called over to join in. She and her friends shared to buy nyonya kuih. Two special guests, Paris Priest and China Priest were invited. This program is held once a year. Agnes says the food has been blessed by the Priest so eat to the fullest. If too full, go toilet and come back again. This is because eat already can be very "Ong" (Luck).

-The Nuns eating-
-All of us with Paris Priest-

-Me and Paris Priest-
Does he looks like one?
-Me and China Priest-