Wednesday, October 08, 2008

back to high school

i was going thru my frenster pics and i saw this...

this took wen it was the last day of f5 before SPM started...
Chee Mei, Ooi Felicia, Ai Choo, Adelyn, Sofiah, Jo Leen, Me, Ee May

if u realise all the ppl i mixed with are from science stream. I'm the oni 1 from art stream. then i found another pic taken wen we are having CHAR KOAY TEOW during recess time..

Standing(L-R): Wen Mei, Jennifer Quah, Ee Laine, Chai Yin
Sitting(U-turn L-R): Joan, Ai Choo, Ee May, Me, Moush,
Chee Mei, Shu Hui, Stephanie Soon, Huey Wen, Adelyn, Sofiah

All this while we go back CGL oso cos of the CHAR KOAY TEOW oni la.. and guess wat CKT and ROTI CANAI stalls r the oni 2 stalls tat is stil available since my batch left. the rest all taken over by other ppl already. CKT uncle and Pak Din can stil recognise me wor.. as usual Pak Din will keep teasing me and Unc will be keep on asking wen m going over to UK.. haha

so far oni 2 of my frens has blog. tats the oni 2 i got. the rest m not too sure.. after f5 we stil got meet up.. but not all la.. the usualy will be...

ah leng(adelyn), soft leng(sofiah), jo leng(jo leen), huey leng(huey wen), chee mei, shien ni, me myself.. at times with ee laine, Ee May and Jen Quah.. Ai Choo too bz to meet up.. macam sudah lost.. AI CHOO COME BEK!!! miss u alot!!!

nearly all my high school frens r fr science stream.. so alot of ppl thought tat i'm from science stream too.. do i realli look like 1?? dey actualli said "yes u do" hahahha... i'l let u judge me den...


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