Tuesday, October 21, 2008

farker fark fark fark!!!!!!!

damn geram liao..

ms ooi this
ms ooi tat..
fark off la farkers!!!

i got a complain from customer saying..
"ms ooi rejected our goods as she said the goods are too rusty and nth can be done..
except returning it bek to us"

which farker moron said tat??
knn ccb!!!

if u read my previous post bfore..
u will no tat i'm working as QA Executive widout any authority given
means is jes a name..
reject fr customer.. go customer place.. let ppl scold den come bek..
i don hav any authority to make any decision on wat should b done n this n tat..

and today i got COMPLAINT from customer DIRECTLY TO MY BOSS's EAR!!!!
u think i tulan bo??

i realli wana go to tat stupid farker DGM face n slap him ok??
u think this is ur ofis ah?? ur company ah??
u r DGM oni ok??
dunno which stupid asshole gave u this title oso..
deputy pulak..
u think deputy prime minister meh??

jes wana scold bad words...
but don 1 2 spoil my image liao..

tmrw on leave..
smtg more important should be done..
rather than thinking of those bastards doing things bhind me!!


Blogger SaeWei said...

omg my sifu got bullied at work.. and yah it's weird to have a position called "Deputy General Manager".. Assistant mah assistant loh..deputy plak.. -_-!!!

Like that I Deputy Boss in my company since it's only me and my boss XD

Wed Oct 22, 06:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Bell said...

I hope your boss knows enough to realise you're not in the wrong here. You really shouldn't need to take that kind of shit from anyone. stuff all that "customer is always right" shit. it's an excuse to bully ppl only

Wed Oct 22, 07:00:00 PM  
Blogger - PC - said...

saewei: deputy boss huh? haha.. okok..
yea la.. deputy.. hear liao oso tl nia..

bell: he nos i think.. but to boss customer always rite la.. haih.. chinaman.. wat 2 do.. i mean chinaman style..

Wed Oct 22, 09:00:00 PM  

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