Sunday, October 26, 2008

lunch at qbm

wen out wid my ex jes now..

you look diff??
i think so..
slimmer kua..
u were wearing all BLACK ok?
boh look slim oso keh de la..

wow.. drove ur new myvi fetch me out huh??
good to hear tat u can survive now liao..
can even own properties..

stil the same..
so hao lien..
so tao..

*i dunno y i love to be wid "hao lien" ppl.. i realised all m interested in oso very tao.. very hao lien.. faint..*

had ipoh hor fun at old town..
chat alot..

conclusion.. m happy to u ask me out today.. seeing u leading a good life is more than enough..
i wun deny saying i stil miss u.. as fren.. LOL!!!!!! we can always stil go out orh.. ;)


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