Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Crystal Junior

Yesterday after dinner, me and aL wen to my mother's friend place to look for Pomeranian. His name is CJ. Stands for Crystal Junior. My aunt had a previous dog name Crystal. So this is the junior. Actually, Crystal and Crystal Junior are brothers. Crystal just died not long ago. My aunt was so hurt as she wasn't even in Penang(in Hong Kong) when Crystal was gone. Haih!

Ini dia CJ

He likes it when I do that. Haha.

aL with her new hair style and CJ

Me and CJ

Me and CJ standing

Road Tax

I was getting down from aL's car at Sunshine Square car park when I saw this. The car next to us. Car Road Tax from year 2003-2007! That is 5 of them. If the car going to continue using for another 5 years then there will be two rows of it. What is this la? Come on. Take it out! No one wants to look at when the car was bought la. If you are pretty or handsome enough then people will rather look at you. Haih..

I no the glue of it sux. My advise is use glassSEX la. It works la. Hahaha..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Today, Michie has made the decision of putting her Tung Tung to sleep. She asked me and aL to follow her to vet. We did. Seeing her tears running down when the doctor inject the jab at its butt was the most difficult thing for me. *I tak tahan people cry. I can follow along* After so long, Tung Tung is still alive. The doctor needed to inject 5 jabs. Usually for rabbit 1 jab is enough. Tung Tung's heart was as strong as a rock. She was a tough cookie man. Just like the owner.

May Tung Tung rest in peace. She has gone for good. Some place where she is happy with no pain. I hope Michie will get on with life like normal as is difficult to lose something belonging at anytime. The feeling of sad and sympathize is there. Sob Sob.

Later at night when I went home, I was searching for my fish. Is not there! Searching the whole house and I could not find anywhere else. Where the heck is my FISH!!?

"MUM!!! Mana Ikan AKU!!?"

Haih :'(

Click here to view my fishes!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Help Me...

If you've read my entry bout My Dog, then you'll know that all this while I'm afraid of dogs. Today, I'm here to talk about dogs. It has been awhile in my mind that I wanted a breed dog. I even went to a few dog shops to search for dogs. It has also came to my mind what types of dog i wanted. Mainly this post is up for you guys to help me think of what types of dog should i get.

Should it be Miniature Schnauzer? West Highland White Terrier? Jack Russel Terrier? or Golden Retriever?

I'll appreciate it much if you share your opinion here.
-I'll only be able to get one when I have my own place. So I bet is a condo first. And so I think Golden Retriever is not so suitable right?-

This is Schnauzer
-took from internet-

-took from PISA dog competition-
West Highland White Terrier
-took from internet- -took from k9-
Jack Russel Terrier
-took from Amazon Aquarium and Pet shop-

Golden Retriever
-took from PISA dog competition-

-took from internet-

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


When I reached home, I heard clapping sounds from up stairs. So, I was very curios. What is it so happening or so happy about? Guess what happen when I got up? My whole family catching mossy la. I told them I HAD ENOUGH LAST NIGHT! Was suppose to be studying for today's paper. Instead of that, I started catching mossy in my room. Too many until I cant even concentrate! After catching a few, I damn tired already. Went back to study but still got mossy flying around. So just now when I got home, I decided to go count how many mossy I caught last night. So here it goes...
How many? NINE!! A few also 9 ok? Blood sucker!! To HELL you go!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Dinner Today

This is the bil i got when I ask for.
-I got a shock of my life!!!-YES!! No Kidding!! We had 300KGs of COD FISH!! Which cost me RM45,000!
Eh.. Mana lu punya brain? How to finish 300Kgs??

Welcome to Sentosa

Ini dia Sentosa.
To those who went to Sentosa before, sure know that the last show is the Magical Fountain. We got to go there early to make sure we get a nice place there. Do you know how bloody hot it was waiting there? And this brainy lady, took out her long sleeve sweater from her bag and start wearing it while me sweating like mad! She got brain ah? Sigh.. Nvm
Then after that this caught my eyes. Wearing tudung la. I mean is so damn hot ok and they can just tolerate with it? If I were them I sure start wearing tubes. Haha..
That's not the end yet ok? Then this fella. She's so smart to korek a lubang at her back so that is not too hot inside. Is that rite? Hahaha..

Day Zoo *continue

The best shot I've ever took!
-I dunno how can she come out wid those silly actions!-

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Day Zoo

Hmm.. Yum Yum.. I smell food.. Wait for me.. Here i come..
Oh Holy Shit!! Get away from there please!! That's ur own SHIT! NOT FOOD!!

Hey friends, look at it's back. It hurts man. How can this happen? Kesian betul!!

*to be continue...

Johore Steamboat

Here it goes. Steamboat in Johore. What's the different from Penang? Price bout the same. The only different is the drinks. Here in Johore they have the unlimited refill soft drinks machine. Penang, take Golden Bbq as example, refill with "Leng teh".

This is the place we went. RESTORAN GARDEN STEAMBOAT.
-Somewhere near Tebrau City-
This is our steamboat pot.
Allow me to show you guys this. This fella, you can never imagine how much he can eat. By spending us food like that, to him is nothing. I bet is like 0.01% of his salary. He earn so much that you can see by looking at his tummy. Fill with golds man!!

-When he fetch us from the airport, I asked him"Eh, sudah berapa bulan? When due?"-
Ini dia. My cousin, James Wong not James Bond. His tummy so big la. No nice butt like Bond also. Hehe. He say he don't mind with his shape and appearance because he is MARRIED!!

-He look so much like the guy that fried Char Koay Teow by the road side. Haha-

Best Hokkien Mee

Brother of mine wanted to try Curry Mee from Johore. Cousin says, here Curry Mee tak boleh telan eh. So fine. He took us to some place he always goes for Hokkien Mee.

So this is how the Hokkien Mee looks like.
-look at the colour of the soup. Cousin says THIS IS THE BEST HOKKIEN MEE.-
Do u realised no Chili? Where is it?
Ini dia Chili.

My niece from Johore

This is my niece, Ker Xin and me..
Choo beh leh with her finger sticking in her nose.

This is her younger sister, Zhi Xin with her maid.
So young got maid already. Good leh?
My sister, Helen and Ker Xin.
Look at my sister's stepmother face!! Guess what happen next?
Stepmother trying to harm her la..
Rape? Hahaha...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lawa atau Lawak?

Angel reached Penang early in the morning today bout 8 o'clock. So, the three of us, Angel , aL and me headed to Jalan Tengah for food. Angel is still as sleepy as can be. So we order all the food. I then walked aL to buy Nasi Lemak.

aL: Aunty, ini daging kah?
Aunty: Ya, daging. Makan sini?
aL: Ya.
Aunty: Dulu u tinggal sini?
aL: Ya.
Aunty: Oh! Sudah jadi Ah Moi!! (sounds like porridge! haha)
aL: Hmm.. Hahaha..
Aunty: Wah, sudah besar lo. Lawa jadi.
Me: Lawa atau Lawak?? Hahaha.. (couldn't stop laughing)

There you go guys.. Judge it... LAWA atau LAWAK??

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!!