Friday, June 29, 2007

My position...

Hey.. guess wat?

From today onwards, I am sitting as an
in my company!!! hahahaha.. Bad is no increment.. Internal auditor with salary of few hundreds..

Tell ppl oso ho chio.. ROFLMAO...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Michael Learns To Rock - Blue Night

Lately you have been asking me
if all my words are true
Don't you know I'll do anything for you
Sometimes I haven't been good to you
Sometimes I've made you cry
And I am sorry for everything
but I promise you girl
I promise you this

When the blue night is over my face
on the dark side of the world in space
When I'm all alone with the stars above
you are the one I love

So there's no need to worry girl
My heart is sealed for you
And no one's gonna take it away
cos' I promise you girl
I promise you this

When the blue night is over my face
on the dark side of the world in space
When I'm all alone with the stars above
you are the one I love

Your voice is calling to me in my dreams
My love is stronger than it's ever been

My Fark Up Life

I bet most of you all know that I'm working in Bukit Minyak, which is near to autocity, Juru. Some keep asking, why the hell I go work so far when I'm staying here in Bayan Lepas, near QBM. For those of you who dunno, I'm working for my dad! He has a company here in Bukit Minyak. So everyday I got to travel from Penang to Mainland.. Usually ppl took bout 45 mins but I only took around 20-25 mins to reach.

Now you ppl must be thinking.."WARAO, THIS FELLA WORKING FOR DAD!! MUST BE VERY RICH.. SAMO ALWAYS COMPLAIN NO MONEY!!!" Come on la friend.. Rich? Let me tell you ok? Yes I got to admit that he bought me a car to drive. He USED to pay for my petrol till recently.. and GUESS HOW MUCH MY SALARY!!! Expecting how much? Is not few thousands ok? And is not even ONE THOUSAND, 900 nia minus EPF samo? Left how much ah? Even his production workers earn more than me.

He used to say, "Gal ah.. if wana go out, instead of going to the public, you can take your friends to Penang Swimming Club(PSC). Over there they have security and all. Even they have their own private beach there. Wouldn't scared if there are robbers around and etc..."

So me pandai pandai take my friends all there enjoy lo.. And recently, he deduct my salary for the food i ate and facilities i used in PSC. Balance after EPF oso about 800 nia. Now deduct samo.. Left how much? Now that he say no more petrol allowance for me.. Means with the balance after deducting PSC expenses i got to pay my petrol? WHAT THE FARK IS WRONG WITH HIM? Say one thing, do another thing. THEN I EAT WHAT WOR!!!!

What the point of working for him then let him deduct all my salary? Not giving me any allowance.. Yesterday, I got to know that his Batu Maung factor is closing down due to the land owner is taking over the place.. So he is now moving all the staff and machinery over to Bukit Minyak here.

I asked my admin clerk, "So.. the clerk there want to come over? She stay in Batu Maung and now ask her to come over? She agreed with it?"

My admin clerk reply, "Oh, we giving her allowance ma.. Unless she don't want to work anymore cos she also at the retiring age d."

WTF MAN!!! She get allowance and ME??? What I got? Ya.. I know what I got.. I got all my SALARY DEDUCTED!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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can spot?
PC la!!!!

Waste or not?

During Father's Day, we had course dinner at PSC. And my favorite dish is this of cos..

yum yum huh?
But then.... My lovely sister(baby) got to spill the whole thing on the table...
Oh.. All I can do it view my shark fin lying there saying..
"Don't eat me. I know is waste but I'm already dirty!"



Hey what you guys think about this baby? Choo Bee onot?
My god mother just gave birth. She was born on Sunday...
My cute little godsister!!!
A closer look on her...

Choo Bee onot?
The nurse samo let her wear topi..
So ANG GEH like ME!!!


Yesterday when I was about to go out for my lunch, I got this message from angel. I thought she sent it wrongly to me.. Cos I did nothing wrong..

And this is my reply to her. Maybe she really wanted to send it to me.. So i ask..

I was hoping for her reply to be.. "Oppss Sorry wrong msg" but I got this instead..
I became panic. I really dunno what I've done. So I fast fast reply.. Cos I don't say bad things bout my buddies nor saying bad things bout them in PUBLIC! NEVER!

Then I got this reply..
I called her she close down my phone. Make me more Kin Cheong cos I appreciate our friendship alot eh.. Suddenly samo say like tat.. So I fai fai call Bryan ask him what happen..
Cos she said PUBLIC ok? I don't remember mentioning her name in my blog recently. So I really wana no wat's my mistake. And at last I get to know the answer...

Is all because I posted this in her FRIENDSTER!!!


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Friday, June 22, 2007

Movie ticket

Many people have been saying how good and bad Pirates of the Carribean was. For me personally, I haven't watched any of it.. No time i guess cos during college time ma.. Now that I got the time so I went and watch with my friends and I took my siblings as my parents wasn't around. Guess how long the list was?

-This long... haha..-
15 all together-A closer look on the ticket-
We watched it in Prangin cos we couldn't get any good place in Gurney and QBM
The movie was ok la.. I love the part where they were sailing, and it was very cold until one of dem broke his toe. I laugh non-stop. haha.. Overall I rate it 7/10..

The people that attended was:
My buddies: aL, Michie, Yin, Cnee
aL's colleague: Maggie, Sherry, Janice, Ooi
My siblings: Helen, Stephanie(baby), Bernard(Boy)
Others: Phaik Ling, Kher Sing, Jason(Helen's bf)

and of cos MYSELF la.. =p

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chat with Soh

=[jεи ooi]= says (6:40 PM):
today whole day tummy beh ho seh

=[jεи ooi]= says (6:40 PM):
go toilet bout 10 times liao

|šß™| says (6:40 PM):
mm tong lei yao zhor??

=[jεи ooi]= says (6:40 PM):
yao leu keh sei yan tao la

|šß™| says (6:41 PM):
yao mou gao chorrrrrrrrr?????

=[jεи ooi]= says (6:41 PM):
u go think of how 2 make ur perfect dyno la

|šß™| says (6:41 PM):
love doesn't come automatically, must make wan!!

|šß™| says (6:41 PM):

=[jεи ooi]= says (6:43 PM):

=[jεи ooi]= says (6:43 PM):
make love..

|šß™| says (6:43 PM):

Apa sai today i tok to nonsense ppl. haha... btw, the end product is called dyno because the father's surname is SOH.. So son name DYNO SOH. Daughter name JIG SOH.. Good huh?

Chat with Warren...

=[jεи ooi]= says:
hey warren..

=[jεи ooi]= says:
how r u?

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:
hehehe anything urget???

=[jεи ooi]= says:

=[jεи ooi]= says:
jes msg u nia ma

=[jεи ooi]= says:
for fun

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:
cos college is 6.30 and i'm still changing my clothes at home (time shows 6:25pm)

=[jεи ooi]= says:
pirah u

=[jεи ooi]= says:
faster go la

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:

=[jεи ooi]= says:
wat paper?

=[jεи ooi]= says:

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:

=[jεи ooi]= says:

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:
ok ok

=[jεи ooi]= says:
go go go

=[jεи ooi]= says:
fats fast fast

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:
i wanna go find my undies d

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:
chat with u later

TTL Using a COMPLICATED database!!! Hahaha... Prospect anybody??? Muakakaka says:
bye bye

=[jεи ooi]= says:

=[jεи ooi]= says:

Monday, June 18, 2007


Can anyone guess what happen to this car?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kesian aku

See I so kelian today.. Not oni today la.. Have always been.. Eating alone... Last time if i don't eat wid my colleague I got my secretary to eat with.. Now my secretary resign from her work place not far from here and now rot at home till next month working in PENSONIC as a purchaser. So since no one is around I gotta ta pao fan hup come back office eat..

-Eating on my working desk-

-Closer look-
stingray fish, pork and eggplant



Guess what this is!!
What building is this? Looks like what?
Chocolate factory?

A short trip to cooling place...

Was driving to Ipoh to meet up with Joan. Then decided to make a short trip to a cooling place called GENTING!!! Yes.. AGAIN!! Genting!! hehe.. I drove my small little city with 4 other gals in my car..

-These were the 4 gals-
L-R: Maggie, Joan, Chai Nguk, Wei Ling

L-R: Joan, Me, Maggie
See who is this? Is VINCE!! Anyone remember him? I curi curi take his pic.. haha..

This small little gal.. Pity her la.. Eat there alone..
I oso curi took her pic but mana tau she caught me!!! haha..

A very misty day tat day but I manage to drive bek to Ipoh safely.. Wanted to get a room in Genting but it was all fully booked. This is due to our school holidays and Singapore started their school holidays too..

Friday, June 08, 2007


This is the Hotel I stayed in Trengganu. Is called Hotel YT MIDTOWN... 2 STAR!!!
-Whole building-

-The Bed-

-The toilet-

This is the hotel we stayed in Kelantan. Is called Dynasty Inn. I din't manage to steal the picture of the room and toilet but I did manage to steal 8 sausages to the bus from the breakfast buffet they provided.. (In case I hungry in the bus ma!! HAHAHA!)

-Dynasty Inn-

One more thing that I forgot to snap was the reminder they paste on the toilet wall.

It stated there as:-

Day 3 at Kelantan

This is a Siamese temple..

-Half to be completed buddha-
Handmade. Unlike our Kek Lok Si... Puzzle up like jigsaw puzzle

Happy buddha?

-Group photo-

-Family photo-

-Another temple-

-Chinese Temple-


We had lunch at the nearby hotel and then headed home.. Reached home only at 9 smtg night..

BODYACHE!! (cos of the seat)
HEADACHE!!(cos of the journey)
EARACHE!!(thanks to the unc's voice)

Conclusion... I stil enjoy the trip cos get to see TURTLE!! haha..

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Orient's Voice

Day 2 at Trengganu

-This is the Batu Bersurat roundabout...-
It used to be a turtle but now they change to this

-Group photo with batu bersurat as a background-
-Next we were brought to Pantai Batu Buruk-

-Group photo at Pantai Batu Buruk-

-Pusat Penerangan Penyu-

-See this? TUTUP!! CLOSE!!-
But cos we went with YB Wong so we get to see!!


-Baby Turtle-

-The turtle wana kiss me!!-
I don't want!!!

-We had keropok Lekor again as refreshment prepared by the Pusat Penerangan Penyu-

-Group photo again at the refreshment area-
After this, we push off to Trengganu Gerakan Office for lunch. Had Nasi Dagang, Nasi kerabu and many more.. All also Trengganu famous food. I don't really like that Nasi Dagang.

Was suppose to push off to Kelantan at 12 but we only manage to push off at 2pm. We reach at Kelantan about 7 smtg 8pm. BACKACHE ok!!!! Then we had dinner at Kelantan Gerakan Office. They serve Nasi Dagang too. I took white rice instead. Guess what? That whole night, I run toilet nia.. LAO SAI la. Ah boh then?