Sunday, September 07, 2014


It has been so many days past and you still felt irritated and annoyed when talkin to me. You have been ignoring me. I call but you never pick up. You pick up you said " I'm rushing. Don't wana talk" but last time as long as you are in the car you will call me. You no longer do that anymore. You also no longer feel nice seeing anything bout me. My look, my msg, my fb... All this jes irritates you...

I guess I am the 7 mths fren of urs now when I first know you... Tat everythin she does irritates and annoy you.

All of the above, I can only say I am sorry.  

I had enough. When can we go back to those time when we are both so happy together? That you don't mind to sacrifice to meet me? 

I am missing you. Do you?