Saturday, October 11, 2008

blue black

today me so kuai..
took my mum and siblings plus my mum's frens to another fren's house warming..
and then headed towards JUSCO at bandar perda..

while walkin in the complex...
cos my mouth hiao i said smtg to my mum's fren..
den she started to cubit my left arm..
1 time not enough.. 2nd time.. 3nd time..
when 2nd time i've already felt very painful..
but is impossible cos she did not use much force oso
once got into the complex..
took up my sleeve and i saw BLUE BLACK!!!
OMG!!!! the blue black happen not cos of mum's fren but MY VERY OWN DEAR FREN!!!

TO MY DEAR FREN.. look!! this is wat u did.. skrang apa compensation u mao bagi huh??

kelian me bo?? :(


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