Monday, November 24, 2008

to all my dearest,

i'll be away for a week...
just bare the patience with me and i'll be back to update..
with many many many nice photos..

take care all...
gona miss u guys!!!

*huggies n kisses*

Friday, November 21, 2008

new New Balance shoe

wen to New Balance and got each of us a walking shoe for the coming trip...



-The Family-

hahaha.. all of us decided to get the same type.. yay!! family trip.. family shoe.. 2nd sis wearing size 5.. youngest did wearing 5.5.. bigger than 2nd sis.. *faint* mum wearing 6.5.. i'm wearing 7.. and bro 11.. ganas-sia.. so big his leg.. LOL

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

was at qbm...
walking pass memory lane..
i looked in..
and i realised..
is been long since i last entered...

i think is more than a year..
my break up is coming to a year already..
memory still flashing back..
i still do miss you at times..
but not as much as when we first broke up..

life moves on...
i wonder who will be the next person..
the person that will make me walk into the memory lane again...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

was driving to qbm..
suppose to drop mum to get smtg..
wen i was at the coffee bean road about there...
suddenly there was a crowd by the sea..
between chineses and malays..
they were hitting with steels and helmets..
they were so close to me...
the cars in front won't move!!!!
they were there watching!!!


then i started to horn the cars in front of me to round back..
and i told mum that i'm not going to let her go qbm like tat...
so we went home

on the way home..
my hands are shaking..
my leg won't want to pedal..
is so scary!!!

just imagine if the cars in front did not move..
next my car will be smash by them!!!

sis told her bf and he said his friend just told him that a bunch of "ppl" are there standing by already..

*i really dunno what these days teenagers thinking. why would they do all this? you know why? cos they wana take charge. for your info, the penang bridge marathon event is being held there. and just imagine they are fighting! is a real fight ok? not arguments..*

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Last last week, went over to raja uda to have steamboat... is name "hu lorh" cos the soup is made by using fish and not chicken..

-yummy chili sauce-

-the steamboat pot-
-is cook and be ready to be in tummy-

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I received a message early this morning from my digi. It says please reload to make any further calls. I knew I still have credits but WHY???

Then i dial *128# and this is what is shown on my screen.

Stil got credit ok? It's only expired!! Haha..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinner at The Mansion

At last, I managed to get my dad to 32, The Mansion. Enjoy the following pictures..

-The Address-

-The Mansion-

-The Menu Cover-

-The Crab Meat Soup-

-Salmon Sashimi-



-Seafood Spaghetti-

-Chicken Spaghetti-


Conclusion, is not as high class as I thought. Is hot as in fan only and air-con is not really functioning. Environment and service is good. 7 of us and the bill came up to RM400 over.. Average of RM60 plus per person. Some place for some romance for two..

Lunch at Nippon Yataimura...

It was on Sunday 9.11.2008. Kitchen is renovation is over. Since my dad believe so much in Feng Shui so we can only starts cooking at 3pm. Those days, we had our meals nearby my house. Dad was home around 1pm so we head to QBM for our lunch. We had NIPPON YATAIMURA!! Some pictures to make u DROOL!!!!

-Salmon sashimi-
-Tuna sashimi-
(forgot the name)

-the scramble egg of mushroom, cheese and crab meat with tomato sauce-

(forgot name oso level 7 of spiciness. a total of range 40.. moderate should take at level 3)

-grill saba fish-

7 of us wen but I only manage to snap these.. the rest all eaten already as the food came slow..
Enjoy... Got "Lao Nuah" bo??
is not easy...
but life has to go on...

i wish to own u...
but i have no guts...

a failure i am...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i'm sick..
since last thurs i think..
since den til yesterday, i wen to see doc for the 3rd time..

1st 2 was clinic..
then the last was chinese sin seh..

i was told..
den eat wat??
m sick of having koay teow th'ng everyday liao!!

so jes now i drove all the way to air itam to hav LAKSA!!!
the one and only my favourite..
is on the way to penang hill from the round about..

there are stalls by the road side..
they have laksa, koay teow thng, mee goreng, rojak, air tebu and mua chee..
is sooo yummylicious!!!
kea kea kea...

come bek.. nose stil block..

Saturday, November 01, 2008

will post up bout my new gadget soon..
just need a few more pictures to attach together with..

received a cal from samantha saying Lion Christina's club is hosting an annual dinner.
it will be held at Tanjung Hotel on 8th Nov 2008.
i agreed to go without any consideration as is been long since i met up with all the lions and leos.
plus the leos from SP are coming down too..

as usual, annual dinner will fit with a theme..
later on i was told that the theme is 60s to 80s
i nearly fainted!!

wat am i suppose to wear den?

then i told sam that i might consider not going..
her replied, "u think the lions (female) gona dress as says by the theme??"
to think about.. some of the lions everytime oso wear shirt n slacks wan la..

yet m still considering to go onot..
RM40 per person..

*singing* It's all about the money..

haha.. money is not a prob..
i've decided!!
I'll GO but with or without fitting the theme will be under consideration..