Friday, January 23, 2009

Dining Set

Dad bought the new dining set for home. A total of RM3600++ for the whole set.

-Han Fine Dining-
Gen Collecte

2 Sets of utensils..

12 pairs of Stainless Steel Chopstick..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Made To Love by Tony Mac

Verse 1
The dream is fading, now I'm staring at the door
I know its over cause my feet have hit the cold floor
Check my reflection, I ain't feelin what I see
It's no mystery
Whatever happened to a passion I could live for?
What became of the flame that made me feel more?
And when did i forget that...

I was made to love You
I was made to find You
I was made just for You
Made to adore You
I was made to love
And be loved by You
You were here before me
You were waiting on me
And you said you'd keep me
Never would you leave me
I was made to love
and be loved by You

Verse 2
The dream's alive with my eyes opened wide
Back in the ring You've got me swinging for the grand prize
I feel the haters is spittin vapors on my dreams
But I still believe
I'm reachin out, reachin up, reachin over
I feel a breeze cover me called Jehovah
And Daddy I'm on my way
Cause I was made to love...


I was made to love You
I was made just for you Made to adore you
I was made to love and be loved by you

You were here before You were waiting on me
And you said you'd keep
Me never would you leave
I was made to love and be loved by you

Anything I would give up for You
Everything, I'd give it all away
(Repeat 3x)

I was made to love You, I was made to love You
I was made to love You, I was made to find you
I was made to love You, Made just for You
I was made to love You, Made just for You
I was made to love You, Made just for You
I was made to love You, I will love by you

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

R.I.P My Leo...

I bought a Schnauzer on Saturday after work at Tambun. We name him LEO. His birthday is on the 20th Nov 2008. He seems to be very quiet when I took him back. I guess it was cause of the change of environment plus he is still a baby so should not be moving around so much..

Took it back for my mum to see before taking it back to Alex's place. This is cause mum din like dog. So LEO will be placing at Alex's place. So we took him back to Alex's place and let his sister took care of him for that noon.

When dad came back later in the noon, he wanted to see LEO. So we went to get Leo and back to our house. Dad seems to love him much plus the 1 who dislike dog, my mum, keep calling him Chai Chai.

He din wana eat or drink. He look sick. I din really bother. Thought is cause of change of environment. Since the cage is at Alex's, so I let him sleep on my bed with me.

At 1 am he woke up and make some noise. I was waken by him so i took him to the bathroom for wee wee. Then he slept back.

At 4am, I was waken by him again. Took him for wee and wash up. Just right everything has done, he started vomiting. I got scared but I remained calm. Rub his back and make sure he is fine. Got him another wash up. Gave him some milk but he din take it. So put him back to bed.

I called the seller at 4smtg in the morning. TOO BAD cos my dog more important. She say if once and without pangsai then is fine. Will look at the condition tomorrow.

So Leo slept til the next morning 10. I called few Pet Clinic but is all closed. Only Life open at 2-5pm. So i make an appointment with the doctor.

At 11 smtg, LEO pangsai so took him to bathroom again. He started vomiting again! Since the seller will be in Penang at another branch, so i took Leo there for her to see. She say Leo is having fever already and told me to bring him to consult doctor.

Went to Life at 2 and the doctor certified is a sick dog. Suggest me to return it back to the seller. I did as what the doctor said. So the lady took it back and say wil treat him.

I called at 10pm, she say he is walking around, had water and medicine. So will visit him the next day during lunch time. At 10:30am I called. The lady told me he is vomiting alot! At 12 plus i called again. She say "I'm sorry. He just went off.." I got a shock and speechless..

Rest In Peace Leo..

I miss you alot even though we just spent such a short time together. So cute of you when you were playing with the ping pong ball and chasing brother's control car.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


Picture speaks more than words...


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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Birthday Cake...

On the day we went Hong Kong Disneyland, it is also the day of my youngest sister's Birthday (25th Dec). So nice that she gets to celebrate her birthday in Hong Kong Disneyland whole day. I wish it for my entire life oso.. but her 10th birthday is already so fun!!

Since mum's birthday is the next day (26th Dec), so we bought 2 cakes to celebrate with them.. At 11:58pm we celebrated sis and 12:01am we celebrated mum's in the hotel room.. YAY!!

This is how the cake looks like.. SMALL and EXPENSIVE!!! Bought it from Disneyland since we were there the whole day. Is cost HK$44 per piece.. So around RM22 each. CUTE RIGHT?? Is cheese cake with the Mickey Mouse face on..