Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy birthday to All

Birthday celebration of my both sisters and mum were held on 25th November at Golden Gate. Just right behind Silverton.

-The Birthday Ice-Cream Cake from Eden-
-Family photo-
*Mum, Boy, Dad, Baby, Len and Jen*
Supposedly aL, Michie, Cnee and Yin to join the fun. Ended up Yin alone. aL grandpa birthday, Michie Dell fashion show and Cnee kuat bersukan (Badminton). While eating and chatting with Yin and Eunice, out of sudden I saw this familiar guy. Guess who? Is Timothy Tiah!! Hahaha.. What a small world. Have been reading his blog and saw him once in PSC. So coincident he was there too.. Since my sister, Len turn 18 already, I teman her to 3 Guys at e-gate. With all her friends and my friend, Yin, we had all the fun and joy playing the game "tortoise". The winner will draw a tortoise on the loser's hand. Len's friend, Mongolian, Tony, got drawn and my friend, Yin, got drawn too!!

-This is Yin's tortoise-
-This is Tony's tortoise-
-By the way they are my sister's friends-
*In case you dunno which is Tony, he is the first from left*


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