Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Shoe

As per decided to play badminton with Angel and friends, the game started at 4p.m. I left my court shoe in my car. Mum drove to meeting so I have to find new shoe... After finding I came across this old court shoe of mine. I have not been wearing it since form 1 that is age 13 and I'm now 21. How many years? 8? Hahaha...

-This is my old court shoe-
When I got into aL's car, I told her that I took this shoe but dunno if can wear. She told me to try on and I did. Nothing wrong, just fine. So decided not to wait for my mum to get back. After playing a while the front base of the rite shoe came out a little. Nothing disturbing so continue playing. Next the left also the same. Since the right side came out first, so I'm a little more aware on the right side. But who knows the left side came out whole thing!!

-This is my old court shoe after playing-
I played like half hour only then this happened. So ended up I have to play with bare footed. The court is not as dirty as you think. Next was to Squash. I really need some smash man. So I went in with my RM69.90 WHITE ROXY SANDALS. After awhile I decided to play with bare footed again. This time is worst. The floor is so dirty until you can see the reflection of yourself on the floor! Look at my foot. OMG!!! Hitam hitam betul like the man in the DARLIE Toothpaste. Gelinya.. When I got out from the court, I rub my foot against the floormat before wearing my sandals.

-This is my RM69.90 WHITE ROXY SANDALS when I got home-

-This is it after washing-
*See the differences?*

After playing, we went Bukit Gedung for Tom Yam. Ordered Tom Yam Chicken Soup, egg with onion and Kailan with salted fish. Total RM16 only ok? So cheap!!


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