Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lunch at Nippon Yataimura...

It was on Sunday 9.11.2008. Kitchen is renovation is over. Since my dad believe so much in Feng Shui so we can only starts cooking at 3pm. Those days, we had our meals nearby my house. Dad was home around 1pm so we head to QBM for our lunch. We had NIPPON YATAIMURA!! Some pictures to make u DROOL!!!!

-Salmon sashimi-
-Tuna sashimi-
(forgot the name)

-the scramble egg of mushroom, cheese and crab meat with tomato sauce-

(forgot name oso level 7 of spiciness. a total of range 40.. moderate should take at level 3)

-grill saba fish-

7 of us wen but I only manage to snap these.. the rest all eaten already as the food came slow..
Enjoy... Got "Lao Nuah" bo??


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