Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ya to hell i will farking show my black face..

i've been very tolerance with u guys lately..

u guys say things u wana say..
go ahead tats ur freedom..

wen u r in bad mood u wil no how to find me..
but is very wrong for me to be in bad mood

"if u dot wan then dot force u! later show me the black black face"
then dont ask me out la..

btw i did say m gona change now.. don farking put ur anger on me after stress fr work place..

i tot u understand me very well y i wasnt in the mood of toking at all lately..
cos i bloody told u everything!!!!
i no is nth to u.. but i happens on me alrite??
i jes couldnt take it tat my frens are doing "tat" to me in front of me!!!!!

jes blame is on me la..

btw since u guys bz i'm always home..
but once u guys free i should b free to be der wen u need

farking fair world!!!!

p/s: is not black face m showing. i rather be quiet den let u guys shoot. m very tired of life.. i don wan argument anymore.. but u guys wil nvr understand me. u always say i nvr tries to understand wat u say.. i do.. i even no wat u trying to say b4 u open ur mouth is jes tat DON'T LIKE TO EXPLAIN!!!!


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