Monday, March 05, 2007

Hike to Monkey Beach with Fellow Bloggers

Can you can see my previous post stated there i slept at 3am. Due to the promising of attending the bloggers' hike, I got to wake up at 6:45am. So I slept only for 3 hours plus. Suppose aL reach my place at 7:15 and fetch nalini at 7:30 but I spent too much time on last min packing so we got delayed. When we reach Prangin as stated there sushi king there, we saw familiar and some unfamiliar faces. Familiar ma those that attended the bloggers' meet. Unfamiliar ma Lasker, Elise, Sean and Jack. That's all i think.. Haha.. Sorry if I din mention you. Let me know ok?

-Here is the bus terminal-

-This is the bus we sat-

Here were are... Taman Negara Pulau Pinang. I din no is called tat. I tot end of the world

-Beautiful scenery-

-Another beautiful one wid CEDRIC's monkey hand!-

-Path way of the hike-
-Busy taking photos. That's a blogger's interest-

-It says No fishing, No camping, No littering-

-Who did this?-

-What are they doing if is not for fishing? Sun tent ahh?-

-Who say can camp here? Dunno how 2 read instruction ah?-
-Not only camping. BBQ samo-
-Jack BBQ for us-
-This is expected but I don expect his banana to be that long with his 2 Brack Leng Tao-

-Then we met this newly wed couple-

-The four of us went wid the 1st boat-

More scenery...


Blogger nalini said...

i like the 2nd last pic a lot.. it's pretty...

Fri Mar 09, 09:46:00 AM  
Blogger - PC - said...

nalini: muz no who is the photographer la. LOL!

Fri Mar 09, 11:37:00 AM  

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