Monday, February 26, 2007

Penang Bloggers' Meet at E-Gate on 25.02.07

It was bout 11am when me and my buddies reached e-gate.
We saw a group of ppl outside starbucks.
Later on, there was this guy (Cedric) who became our model
standing at the corner showing this.

B: Where is the meeting?
C: Here!
B: Where are the rest? Are you the only one?
C: No.. A lot of them are here already.
B: So where are they?
C: Here!!
B: Where? Right here?
C: Here. Yes!! Right here!! Down here!!!

Supposedly there are more bloggers but all got scared by Cedric. Therefore those that came before he started his posing still remain.

-The Penang Bloggers-
-The girls-

-The guys-

-The Black-
-The White-
-The Red-
the thorn among the red roses

-Buddies again-

-Buddies with Boss-

-Me and 5xMOM-

-Me and Boss-
-The Bloggers' Autograph-


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