Monday, March 12, 2007

First day of CNY

I saw these lions when I was going thru my picture. Then I pause for awhile and say to myself "Hey, I don't remember blogging bout this". SO now I'm blogging bout the blog which I've forgotten so long. I hope this is not too late. LOL!

It is the first day of CNY. As usual, every first day of CNY, we'll drive in to Bagan to my father's eldest brother place. His siblings from all over the states will then meet there. We'll have a family reunion. While eating, there are relatives who on and off will come and give ANG PAU!! SONGnya!! After eating, time to open table.. My 3rd uncle alwiz go find uncle lim eh. So he be the dealer. Won abit then is bout time to go "pai nee" wid other relatives. For me, i don't use the word "pai nee". I prefer to use the word COLLECT ANG PAU! haha..

Later in the evening, i was told that there will be a lion dance at 6pm my house. They actually reach on time. 6pm on the dot! When they took down the lions, I fall for it. Look at the lions. How nice. So red! Suit my dressing that day. Haha..

-Before start dancing. Is lion dance. Not dance then call what?-

-Inside my house-

-Trying hard to get the vege-

-Outside my house-

u spot smtg? i do! the lion wears ADIDAS shoe!!

After the dance, there was a dinner at my house. Something like open house. Those not invited very sorry ya. Either I lupa or I dunno you yet (New Bloggers). Must know la. CNY ok? Busy collecting ANG PAUs nia. If you din contact me den too bad la. I lupa d. Haha.. So it was Malay food that day. Is CNY la. Where got chinese wana cook chinese food for u? Few of my friends came and there were ppl gambling too. Like gambling house nia. haih..

-Hey see that? My bro gambling!-

Diam-diam ubi berisi ok?

-Few frens of mine that came-

L-R: Genevieve, Sofiah, Chee Mei, Stephanie, Me

-Amy is here making ice-kacang for us-

That hamsap pek saliva dripping when seeing amy shake! haha..

-My lil godbro! China boy-


Blogger nalini said...

it is too late to blog.
CNY way over dee.

but nice lions. i like lions. :P

Tue Mar 13, 01:24:00 AM  
Blogger - PC - said...

stil in the mth of CNY. no? haha..

u were on time tat day to catch the dance huh? lucky fella..

Tue Mar 13, 10:48:00 AM  

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