Thursday, November 09, 2006

On Chin Nee's Birthday

Yesterday was Chin Nee's birthday. So, Ai Ling and I decided to spend time with her. Chin Nee volunteered to drive all the way from her house to fetch us out. Is one end to another end (Tanjung Bungah to Bayan Lepas). The actual time for her to reach Ai Ling's place was 11:15 a.m. At 11:30 a.m., Chin Nee suddenly online. I suppose Chin Nee has reached Ai Ling's place and use her own account to sign up. I checked Ai Ling account and she went offline. Out of sudden Chin Nee message me. I thought she would say "We are coming now". Instead she asked " Is Ai Ling up ady?" Pengsannya aku!! She is still home!!! Din even bath yet! Me here damn hungry since the night before.

11 something nearly 12 she push off from her house. She got to fetch Ai Ling then only me because she doesn't know my place. It was about 1:10p.m. when she reached my place. Is TWO hours late. Ai Ling said, "Kuan Si Tiok Ho". No plan with hunger. Drive to the coffee shop in front Sri Nibong there for Koay Teow Th'ng. KEDAI TUTUP!!! Fine.. We go next place. SUNSHINE SQUARE! Coffee shop is good enough. So planned to go BB kopitiam. KEDAI TUTUP AGAIN! Gai la.. What so tua liap with this girl's BIRTHDAY? AGONG's birthday ah? Everyone have to close shop ah?

Ended up in Sunshine Square food court because Chin Nee wanted cooling place. After eating, went back to Ai Ling place to burn some CDs. Songs of 911, The Moffats, etc for Chin Nee. They then decided to go SPCA. I was like WHAT THE FARK?? Don't you guys know I'm AFRAID of DOGS?? Like I said in my previous post. I went and so BRAVE too!! Hahaha.

Feeling hungry and searching for places to makan again. Chin Nee say Batu Maung Laksa good. Want to try again. I was thinking... *Batu Maung got famous Laksa meh? How come I don't even know?* Later she described. Is not BATU MAUNG! Is BALIK PULAU! Since Ai Ling's car still got petrol so 3 stooges went all the way to Balik Pulau for Laksa. How long driving ah? About 20 mins. Guess what happen when we reached there? Ai Ling's car out of petrol? The tire bust? Got chase by dogs? No No No!!! KEDAI TUTUP!!! I really wonder if this Chin Nee so great ah. Her birthday nia. Why most coffee shops on Strike? All the way 20 mins, waste time, waste petrol, waste strength(Ai Ling tak larat want to accelerate). So we balik. Half way there is a place to see sun set. We went there and still see places in Penang not developed. Looks like padi field. Wonder where is there.

On the way home, all very hungry already. Not thinking more we stop by Bukit Jambil hiking place. My sister used to buy Laksa from there. Lucky thing that Laksa Aunty not on strike. Did not give face to Chin Nee. No respect betul. Thank god, KEDAI BUKA! Haha... I'll post up the pictures of the place we had Laksa soon because the pictures is still with Ai Ling.

Chin Nee, the KEDAI TUTUP is not because of your BIRTHDAY ok? Is just that so COINCIDENT all CLOSED on WEDNESDAY. Hahaha...


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