Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Have A Dog Too

Everywhere I go, I see dogs I sure scream. Recently, my friend Ai Ling took me to Yin Yin's house where their dog, Perky, is now at. I heard they got Perky when they (include Michelle) were all still studying at KL. Perky doesn't like me. She barks every time she sees me. Jialat.. Yin's house going to runtuh soon. I think she can sense the fear in me. I look at my friends playing with dogs so fun. I wished I can join in but the fear is there as I got bitten before.

Next is Chin Nee's house. Her dog name Georgie. When I first saw Georgie, the feeling of getting a dog is really my next thing to do in list. Her dog is so Cute! Unlike Perky! Hahaha.. Each time to either Yin's or Chin Nee's house, sure do drop by to visit the dog. Not me but Ai Ling and the rest.

If for me to keep a dog, I don't like it if it barks most of time. Perky is way beyond very noisy. Georgie is much better. At least she doesn't bark at me. Dog is kept as a pet not security guard. Guess what? I actually follow AL and CN to SPCA today to see dog. I'm very brave today to go so near dogs. Feel like touching them, the cute ones, but still the fear is there. When only will I get over the fear?

Since everyone also have their own dog, I also want to bring out mine to share. I have a dog too, name Doggy. When I was studying in TARC, I rent a room there. Most of the nights, my housemate will come into my room and play with my dog. Not only my housemate. Even my classmate too. Anyone who comes in my room sure want to play with Doggy. I remember once when I was back at my own house, my niece came. She saw Doggy and not wanting to let go even when my cousins were going back. A lot of people like my Doggy too. Every night I will play with Doggy before I go to sleep. I even hugs Doggy every time when I'm on my bed. Hahaha...

-This is Perky-

-This is Georgie-

Ai Ling... I HAVE A DOG TOO!!!

-This is Doggy-


Blogger shaun said...

hello sepupu..u takda anjing..u jangan simply ambil fake mia doggy & day u mia doggy la..make ppl laugh nia..just now i just hug da

Wed Nov 08, 08:51:00 PM  
Blogger - PC - said...

shaun: ya i no u hug doggy. now so busuk cos u hug. gona wash doggy tmrw d. u busuk punya org. ppl laugh good la. enjoy ma. cipek...

Wed Nov 08, 09:45:00 PM  
Blogger aL said...

apa kausai =.='

Thu Nov 09, 12:02:00 AM  
Blogger - PC - said...

AL: wat kausai? I oso got dog! cute boh? haha..

Thu Nov 09, 11:27:00 AM  

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