Friday, November 03, 2006

What is it?

I'm at work now today at Bukit Minyak. Most of the time, my Boss will buy Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai or Char Bee Hoon. But today none of the above listed. Is a type of Nyonya Kuih that most people living in Malaysia loves it a lot. There it goes... But what is it called?

The conversation with my colleague goes:-

Jas: Eh, Boss buy kuih today cos got blessing la.
PC: Oh. Really ah? Just now I heard Boss say last week eh..
Jas: Boh la.. Just now Jo just went and buy nia. (Jo buy but Boss's Money)
PC: Nevermind. I don feel like eating kuih now.

Jas nicely walking to the kuih as shown above, peeling the banana leaf and putting into her mouth. I was doing my work and I suddenly saw that. The conversation continue...

PC: Jas ah, what you eating?
Jas: Kuih lo. Told you already. Boss buy eh.
PC: Jas Jas, what is it called huh? *In my mind you should know what I'm thinking*
Jas: This kuih ah? *She started smiling* Lambah ulang.
Jas: No! I say Lamba. With the "B" not "P".

Both laugh like hell.. I bet most of people also use that term but what is the actual name of this kuih? IS REMPAH UDANG!!! Come on guys... Get your mind straight. Stop thinking nonsense!!!


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