Monday, October 30, 2006

All Souls Day

All Souls Day is the day for Christians to attend to clean the cemetery of the dead. For Chinese is called “Cheng Beng”. For me, I attend both. My dad’s family religion is Christian while mum’s family is Buddhist.

The real day of All Souls Day is on the 2nd of November but my dad’s siblings agreed on 29th November as is on Sunday.

Grandpa died long ago when I was young. I still remember how he used to buy me things. If we balik kampong without informing him first, he will get very angry when we reached. This is because he needed to buy things for me as he very sayang me. If not mistaken, I remembered calling him telling him that we are coming. He then replied “OKAY... Ah Kong khi beh Ang Moh Th’ng” I think he is the best Ah Kong in the world. He has to work to support his EIGHT kids. *SALUTE to him* People nowadays ONE kid also they cannot even settled. Imagine my Ah Kong did it!

Grandma died in year 2003, which is 3 years ago. I still remember the days when she stayed in my house. The laughter we shared and her cooking is the best!! My favourite dish of hers is “OH TAU EW BAK” (black soya sauce pork). The soft and juicy pork you can tasted has a very great feeling when is in your mouth. *YUM YUM* I still can remember the smell of the dish. Is superb that cannot be found in any stall because is HOME SWEET HOME dish. Is her birthday that day and all my relatives from overseas are back, from Johore to Shanghai. Is about 12:30p.m. when my family and I were all well dressed up to go over my uncle’s house, which is at Sungai Puyu, the place where the celebration is being held, mum suddenly received a call. “Ah Mak boh liao” All got stunted! Ah Mah has gone for peace. I did not manage to see my grandma for the last time but to me she is the GREAT Ah Mah I had. She should be proud of all her successful grandchildren she has and also all her 18 great grandchildren.

I believe God has all the plans with him. He knows who has the rights to stay for long and who does not. For those who died in old age, you have served the world enough. You deserve to be treated well.

Ah Kong, Ah Mah and all Ah Kong & Ah Mah’s fellow friends there, may you all rest in peace! Amen…

God is the One who gives life, breath and everything else to people. … God began by making one person, and from him came all the different people who live everywhere in the world. … ‘We live in God. We walk in God. We are in God.’
Acts 17:25-26, 28


Blogger nalini said...

i want tau eu bak tooooo... slurpsssssssss
yum yum, tau eu bak in a claypotpot! CPP!

Sun Nov 12, 01:50:00 AM  
Blogger - PC - said...

yin: CPP? not LPP o LLP? lol!!

Mon Nov 13, 03:24:00 AM  

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