Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Your attitude change towards me. That is when you start getting angry whenever you sees me. You got grumpy when you tok to me. You felt irritated and every single thing I do is wrong. Everything I do just set ur fire up.

It all started when I realise you hav been toking to her a lot lately... Tho is just normal fren but normal fren don MSG everyday every hour every other minute.. Still you said is just normal fren and I trusted you.

I became sad.. Totally sad.. You were so enjoying toking to her smiling happily but in the other side when you face me, the fire in you auto set-up. Tat is why I choose to shut myself down. Isolated myself all alone. So sked to face you. 

Everytime I see u grumpy, angry or being irritated or annoyed it hurts so much that I can't bare. 

From the beginning, everything I do is to make you happy. I know you are stress with your work I bring you to holiday for relax and I plan everything.

I know you have been workin late and a lot, I buy you bird nest. You wana go holiday shopping, I sponsor you. 

Everything you want I try to give the best for you but in the end? U got angry, u got irritated, u got annoyed... 

And everything I do is wrong...


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