Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2 trip to hong kong

The speed boat we sat from Macau to Hong Kong

The ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland.. 6 of us.. so we got all the 4 designs..
nice hor??

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland

Lunch cost HK$50 per plate!!! SUCK BLOOD!!

High School Musical

The Lion King

The pictures are blur cos we are not allowed to snap with flash.. MA DE..

If this happen in Malaysia.. I'm sure u cant find urs wen u r out!!

my mum so yeng.. getting ready to watch 4D donald duck show

aunt and mum wid magical mickey

pluto so choo bee!!

it's a small world.. all culture in miniature..

hey queenie.. this is for u.. aladdin.. haha

got many more.. too many to post.. so randomly la..

Snow White, sis and Cinderella

Belle, Sis, Me, Sis n Sleeping Beauty
y is sleeping beauty here?? aren't she suppose to be sleeping?the gina so cute huh?

the castle..

see.. lao ee sit.. youngster oso sit.. all walk whole day.. leg pain liao.. 2nd day nia ok?? itu mdm hor knew i was about to take the shot liao eh.. nice lady to tok wid.. haha.. the 2 boyrs r her son ok?? n she look so young!!! so happy so cheerful..

Few shots on the fireworks.. lasted around 20-25 mins..

Lady director.. Mai siao!!

Camera woman ok?

WACHAAA!!! bruce lee.. don play play!!

I like this hotel best.. look at the room and the bathroom..
see thru 1 ok?? nxt time go again muz go this hotel!! haha..


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